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Nones and now Dones are newer categories which describe people who either have no affiliation and/or are finished with attending church.  I’ve met many and felt the impulse at times myself.  In a discussion at Jesus Creed yesterday, I posted this:

Here in Texas we enjoy great barbecue. Among the many options, Rudy’s bills itself as the “worst barbecue in Texas.” It actually is very good.

Perhaps local churches could take a cue. When the leadership of the church gives the impression that they are really doing the deed, and yet the reality falls far short, it sets people up for disillusionment. Perhaps more people would be at peace with their local church if the cheer leading and triumphalism were replaced by more humility and true, servant-leaders.


One of Hitler’s favorite books was Don Quixote, which Professor Jonathan Rose says is “telling.”

From The Literary Churchill, p. 239-40

Interview with Professor Rose in the upcoming weeks…


“Bring back old school print Bibles to read and carry” was my fellow black leather Bible buddy Dave Lomas from Reality San Francisco ‘s mission cry who taught today at Vintage Faith Church. We both have black leather Bibles where we can draw doodles, underline, color and we are convinced your even learn better with them. Which is ironic coming from two of us living in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley where technology rules. I join Dave in the mission to see hard copy Bibles in hand once again and go retro learning and reading.

Dan Kimball