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Hitler's Cross: How the Cross Was Used to Promote the Nazi Agenda  -     By: Erwin Lutzer<br />

Lutzer, the longtime pastor of Moody Church in Chicago, has made an important contribution to our understanding of Nazi Germany.

Hitler’s Cross is a troubling account of how moral decay and timidity results in disaster. And the disaster, as was the case in Nazi Germany, is usually far more reaching than we could ever imagine.

I appreciated this book very much except for the author’s desire to tie Nazi ideology to a certain view of end times. For those who don’t hold to dispensational theology, they might be tempted to write the author off, and thus would sadly miss an important book.


“It takes courage to stand up against your enemies. It takes more courage to stand up against your friends.”

(Peter Vardy)

Social context is huge.  It does not need to be determinative. It does seem however to be determinative many times.

I have been in and among many churches and Christian organizations. One question I’ve asked which shows the power/influence of social cohesion is: Name one person who has raised an issue of concern about their respective church, school, etc. and was that person marginalized, fired, or promoted? I get lots of silence.

Sad reality and it is the kind of thing which made Niebuhr cynical about groups, including the church. But the church can and must do better. And I know several pastors who do, so I stay sane!



I am currently reading Scot McKnight’s terrific, new book, Kingdom Conspiracy.  Stay tuned for my interview with Scot. 
In Scot’s book, he mentions Pastor Wayne Gordon.  Watch the ministries of Lawndale Community Church.  Wonderful example:


A dear friend asked me to compile my list of recommended reading for counseling couples.  Here is what I sent him:

An eclectic, odd, but hopefully wise list of reading recommendations for premarital (and marital!) couples:

The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason

This is not your typical “how to” marriage book which is what makes it so good.  Beautiful writing combined with wonderful insights.

Good Christians, Good Husbands?  By Doreen Moore

Granted, there is bias with my recommendation, but professors at three seminaries now use it, a CEO told me it was one of the best books he’s ever read, and J.I. Packer said this:

“Resourced by thorough research into the marriages of Wesley, Whitefield and Edwards, this is a truly wise book on the problem of combining ministry and marriage to the glory of God and the good of all concerned.”

John Adams by David McCullough

Well, not the whole thing (!), though it is an incredible read.  Rather, for the correspondence between John and Abigail.

Booked by Karen Swallow Prior

Actually, it is just one chapter from Karen’s terrific book, the one on Madame Bovary.  After I interviewed Karen, I told her I wished every couple in America would read that chapter.  They would learn to have a better and more mature view of love.

The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership by Steven Sample

I know, it seems like a book on business leadership, but it really is a book to help you develop discernment and wisdom.   It offers sage counsel on how to navigate the choppy waters of American life. 

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

I have read several of Gary’s books.   Even though this is not one of my favorites of his, there are some important themes he covers.