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Donald Kagan of Yale is truly an iconic historian of the ancient world.  Paul Kennedy, also of Yale, calls Kagan a combination of Churchill and John Wayne.

Kagan has a great sense of humor and a love for keeping a “core curriculum” to ensure students truly get a good education of Western culture.

The interview is long, but I found it fascinating and you might as well.



During a time of reflection, six C’s came to me as representing effective, Christian teaching.  Our dear friend, Karen Debenport, reminded me of one I have always included, but failed to add.  See the first two replies:


Curiosity of teacher.  He or she is always learning.

Creative presentation

Clarity of thought

Charity toward those who disagree.

Compassion/true Christian care for everyone.

Compelling delivery.  The teacher really believes what they are talking about and not just going through the motions.

I love how Andrew Delbanco reminds us (College: What It Was, Is, And Should Be, p. 63-64) that great teaching will always be in vogue.

Any other C’s you might add?