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Terrific interview with D. Michael Lindsay on his latest book.  Here’s an excerpt:
“I’m very persuaded by a political philosopher named J.P. Nettl who likens social movements and their effectiveness to rock formations. He says there are two kinds of rock formation. If you go into a cave, you have stalactite rock formations, which come down from the top, and stalagmites, which come up from the ground. He says if you’re wanting to figure out what’s the strongest base of support, it’s when the stalactite formation meets up with the stalagmite rock formation and they form a single column. That, in my opinion, is very important and quite instructive for us to think about all kinds of social movements.”


I will cut to the chase.

Leadership books, and I’ve read my share, usually tell you the obvious or near obvious.

This one is different.

Grounded in solid insights from history, literature, culture, and the Scriptures, it is one leadership book I recommend with enthusiasm.


Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley are close friends.  Sir Charles declares openly his love for Jordan.

Barkley thinks Jordan has a big problem, and one that is not going away anytime soon.  Simply put, Jordan has no one who is willing to do anything but fawn over him.  Jordan is too powerful for anyone to tell him what he needs to hear.  As a result, Jordan has habitually made stupid mistakes as a basketball executive.

Sir Charles has something to teach us Christians: We should not fear man (Isa. 2:22).  Isaiah tells us to “Stop regarding man, whose breath of life is in his nostrils; for why should he be esteemed?”  We also must remember the nature of biblical love.  Prov. 27:5,6 is instructive: “Better is open rebuke than love that is concealed.  Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.”

Does Mark Driscoll have these kinds of friends?  Do we?